For more than 25 years I have been leading impacting projects in the capital market industry, bridging IT and business and focusing on innovation.
Thereby I have forged true relationships with business at C-level and developed excellent presentation skills.

From my strong technical background I understand in-depth blockchain technology,
From my MBA education I elaborate an holistic business perspective,
From my business experience I build meaningful use cases unleashing blockchain’s power.

I offer the following services :

Formation   Training

I make your business and technical teams understand what is behind the blockchain buzz word.
From there you will be ready to include blockchain technology in your strategy.

Roadmap.png   Roadmap

I help you to build your blockchain implementation roadmap reaching your strategic goals.
From there you will be able to derive your programs and projects that deliver your strategy.

Proof Of Concept Icon.png  Proof of Concept

I support you in defining the first PoC which starts your strategic roadmap journey on the right track.
From there, using the lean startup approach, I build with you a minimum viable product delivering your first achievement in the blockchain world.


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